Youth Social Entrepreneurship Training


Generation Social is 100% owned and Managed by B4P

Advisory Board

  • Prof. Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Laureate 2006)
    Awardee of Presidential Medal of Freedom
    Awardee of Congressional Gold Medal
    Founder of Grameen Bank
  • Gabriele Heinisch Hosek (Austrian Minister of Women Affairs)
  • Rudolf Hundstorfer (Austrian Minister of Social Affairs)
  • Wimar Witoelar (Indonesian ex-presidential spokesman)
  • Juergen Schwettmann (ILO Deputy Director for Africa)
  • Liz Thompson (High Level Consultant to the Executive Office of the UN
    Secretary General (Post-2015 Development Agenda). Ms
    Thompson was the former Executive Co-ordinator for Rio +20
    Conference on Sustainable Development and has 14 years
    serving in cabinet positions in the Barbados government.