(B4P)TM is a non profit with a vision
to end poverty by 2030 using
capital markets.


An Investment Firm for Good

B4P designs investment products that help the poor. We are like an investment firm for good. We attract best of the best Wall Street talent who are passionate about making a difference. B4P’s mission is to create ongoing cash for development from the $63 trillion global asset management industry.


Investment Philosophy

B4P’s distinctive social yield model brings together talented Wall Street traders in deal structuring, leading asset managers and best of breed development experts.


Inspiring Investments

Boston Consulting Group estimates that the largest pool of cash on the planet is the $63 trillion global asset management industry. If 1% of these funds was shifted to development you could fund eleven United Nations in the first year. Fifty five united nations over five years. That means refugee camps in Syria and Darfur are helped, HIV/AIDS medicine gets to those who need it, making Africa food sustainable in a generation, all of these projects could be funded. That’s inspiring.


Investment Talent

B4P’s blended yield model brings together the best of investment talent with clear track record of success in both structuring, managing, due diligence and performance.  The B4P global network includes some of the most talented thought leaders and implementers in the development sector.